Friday, June 24, 2011

We're still here:)

Things are going well! Joleigh is adjusting very well. She's happy as a lark... well most of the time;0). She's pretty infatuated with food which is normal for a little girl whose been through all she's been through. Bonding is going well. She does really well when it's just "us" but when we venture out, you can definitely tell bonding is a process! She had lots of "mommies" at the orphanage so when we are out and mommy (ME:) tells her no then she wants to go to another mommy (aka stranger) and see what they'll do for her. It makes for awkward situations b/c I pretty much just have to ask my friends/strangers, "no, please don't pick her up". She really is doing well though. Cam and I talk about how she couldn't be any better. Perfect personality, funny, SWEET!! Our kids love her and she loves them. Every morning we all barge in her room singing the theme song for Jo Jo's circus.. b/c we call her JoJo a lot:) She is a blessing to our family and we are peeling back more and more pedals of blessing a day. Has it been tough? Oh certainly! Honestly I never went through post partum with my bio children but I definitely think I've had some Post Adoption depression with her. I've heard before adoption isn't for sissies and now I totally get that concept. Definitely a tough road but daily God is filling me up and guiding me (us) through. I am thankful He has led us down the road of adoption and I look forward to all the other adventures He has in store for us. We are blessed!!

What are the boys up to? Enjoying summer to the fullest! Swimming daily, catching bugs to feed their lizard, reading, etc. They are so fun to watch grow up together. They really do enjoy each others company and I thank God for that.
What is Piper Jane doing these days? Oh she couldn't be cuter!!! She constantly talks about going to the beach. Thanks Barney:/ I think she saw a beach episode so now everyday she ask when we are going. Sigh! One of these days:) She is a great big sister. I haven't changed a diaper without her:)