Monday, December 26, 2011


Jingle Bells:D
Cameron finally gave in... I mean was SO excited about adding to the family! We are so excited about having a new puppy. Jingle Bells is a golden doodle and she's a very sweet, good doggy. We are in puppy training at Pet Smart and she's learning a lot. Welcome to the fam Jingle Bells!! We are so glad you are here!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Oh it's been a good Christmas for us!! I'm not sure we've ever thoroughly enjoyed and soaked each other up quite as much as we have this year and it's been SO good! We have been reading an Advent story this month and finished it today and it was so good. How thankful I am God placed it on my heart years ago to READ, READ, READ to my children. We have read so many rich books over the past few years. So many precious memories we've made through those books.
The kids have had the best Christmas as far as gifts go. Cameron built them the most amazing tree fort!!! We are going to have the most fun in our back yard over the next several years. We also bought them a trampoline for Christmas which they LOVE!!!
Joleigh has thoroughly enjoyed her first Christmas as a Wallace. She has loved seeing the Christmas lights and looking for our Elf friend daily:) She and Piper have played all night long with the doll house. The boys have played all night with legos and Cameron and I were able to watch a movie all alone while they all played.
Thank you God for the blessings You've given us. Oh please continue to guide us as we raise these children You have blessed with. You know I would freeze them in a moment if it were possible. OH I would, I would!!! Please God let them run and chase after You. Let them have a desire to know You more. Let our lives glorify You!!