Monday, August 22, 2011

First week wrap up

We had a great first week of homeschool! We learned about the Vikings and Leif Ericson. We learned about the meaning of names. I wrote a letter to the boys telling them about how we came up with their names and the meaning of their names. They really enjoyed that. At the end of the week, we made cupcakes and put their initials on them to celebrate their names.

We did our first science experiment. They had a lot of fun doing it. Piper wouldn't let us start until she had her "journal" to take notes on the experiment;0).

This week we are learning about the meaning of the name Jesus. We are also learning about Christopher Columbus. We will be making some special little ships to sail across the ocean blue... aka swimming pool. The boys had a great first week. Piper and Joleigh were fabulous. SO far... I haven't had to use the television as entertainment for the girls. Actually, I'm not sure the tv was turned all last week during the daytime. Piper thoroughly enjoys playing with legos while we do school, unless she hears something fun going on at the school table, then she's all aboard. Joleigh just roams from one toy to the next. My house is a WRECK but we're having fun and making lots of great memories! :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So I'm really hoping...

to start blogging again! Life has been tough but I feel the fog may be lifting:)
We celebrated Joleigh's 2nd birthday this week. She thoroughly enjoyed a b-day cookie and some b-day cupcake!! She is doing well. She is fully potty trained and we are SO happy about that! We went to Texas for a wedding a couple weeks ago. This was her first big trip and she did so well. All of the kids were so good through the long car ride. We really enjoyed ourselves.

Yesterday we started a new chapter in our lives... homeschool! We are using Adventures in My Father's World and are loving it! Andrew is in the 2nd grade and Parker is in the 1st grade. The first two days have been great! We are not beginning Math until next week but so far they seem to enjoy all their subjects. Here's a few pics of our first few days.
Jo's favorite part of the school day is definitely recess!!
We made American flags to put on the cover of our US History notebooks.
First day of school pic:) Jo was still sleeping;0)