Sunday, September 19, 2010

You could have...

Fundraising for our adoption has been totally different than I thought it would've been. The places I assumed would be great opportunities have not panned out like I thought they might. To be honest, the beginning of the journey was so very difficult. We knew that we were doing His will but were being met at every turn with obstacles trying to stop us. We began brainstorming other fundraising opportunities. Everyone thought I was nutso for collecting cans. Aluminum cans are at an all time low. I was hoping that within a years time we could maybe raise $1000. I knew that was pretty unrealistic but it was my goal. Hundreds and hundreds of collectors later and we've collected over $1700 in just 8 months. We have another $300 or so sitting on a trailer waiting to be cashed in.

We got word a few months after beginning the process that two trips would now be required. Our initial goal was to raise enough funds for our travel ($5000). We planned to use savings and continue to save for the rest of the expenses (approx $20,000). After finding out we would have to make two trips, we knew we were needing to come up with close to $10,000.
We've made about $500 through coffee sales and have so far broke even on t-shirt sales and if we sell all that we've ordered (144), we should make around $1000. We did great with a yard sale and made over $1500. So if you add up the coffee, cans ... the jewelry party and gold party, yard sale... we've raised a little over $4500. BUT that's only if you count all the ways we've tried to raise money. That does not include those of you who have felt led to join us in this journey. God has used a handful of people to sacrificially give. We have been given a little over $4000 from people who decided to use the resources they've been given to give to something so much bigger than themselves. He has placed people in our lives, some I've literally never met, to help write Joleigh's story. She will be loved, fed and held in our home but she has a place in the hearts of SO many. We thank you so much to those of you who could've used the money you gave us to take your family on vacation, to buy something really nice for yourself, to take your families out to dinner, etc. We thank you for storing up your treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. (Matthew 6:19). You have no idea how much your giving has encouraged us. Our family is forever grateful and we cannot wait to share our Joleigh with you all. We are still saving away and picking up every aluminum can we see but we have no doubt He will provide.
"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose" Jim Elliot

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We are in our TEENS:)

We are now number NINETEEN on the waiting list. We are very excited to finally be in our teens. This adventure has literally been amazing. Gives me chills to think about how we've grown over the past year. I'm sure I've shared this before but Cameron and I definitely didn't have a goal of having a large family. You know the strange thing is we never really had that "perfect picture" of what our family was suppose to look like. I remember so well the weeks leading up to our decision to adopt. It was literally like I was hot or cold about the issue. There were days that I was literally scared to death pondering the "what ifs" and then there were days when God took a huge eraser and erased every what if and reminded me that NOTHING is bigger than He is and NOTHING brings more joy than following HIM. It's not like Cameron and I would have felt like horrible people had we said no to adoption. We could have lived our lives, things would've continued on the way they were. But it was as if God was asking us "Do you want to go on adventure with me? Do you trust me? Do you want to do more than care about my children?" I cannot imagine had we decided to stay the way we were. Literally, I can't imagine life before Joleigh and we don't even know her yet... but it's more than just Joleigh.. it's saying no to the fears of the world and saying YES to Him.

If you are contemplating adoption... let me warn you ... YOU WILL BE CHANGED! Get ready for the ride of your life!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What you've all been waiting for....

Okay maybe it's just ME whose been waiting but don't you want to play a part in bringing Joleigh home? :) We are trying to finish up our fundraising with some t-shirt sells. Aren't they cute? My brother-in-law did an excellent job designing them.

We are ordering 3 different colors. Red, Torquoise, and White. They are $15 each with $2 shipping, for those that will need them shipped. If you're in the area, we'll deliver;0). We are also selling White Ringer Tees. These cost us $3 more, so they're $18. Know this about me I DETEST selling things. I could never be a salesman. I'm just too cheap and always feel like people aren't really getting the best bang for their buck. BUT I do feel different about these shirts. First off, most people who sell shirts for adoption fundraisers sell them for $20-$25 so I am trying to be frugal with your money but I also want YOU to have a hand in helping us bring Joleigh home. Today, I got an email from someone wanting some shirts. I haven't seen or spoken to these people in years. They knew me in elementary school and I had NO idea I was on their radar. They just simply sent an email saying, "we'll take two". I checked that email during my prep and literally cried and cried b/c of how GOOD HE has been to us! God has used people from all walks of our lives to help this little girl come home to us. Our hearts ache so badly for her to be here, to know she's safe, for her to know she's loved. Literally, physically I ache for her. So I'm asking you to purchase a some-what overpriced, CUTE t-shirt to help us get her home. We would LOVE for you to share this post with your friends and family.

What do you need to do in order to buy a shirt? I've placed a DONATE button on the top left side of our blog. You can pay either using paypal through that button OR send us a check. Please email your order to In your email include:
Color of shirt and Size of shirt. If we need to ship your shirt to you, include your mailing address. Please also include method of payment. If you are mailing check, I will email you back with our mailing address.
Available SIZES: Youth 6/8 and up and Adult Small - 3XL
Okay, I'm new at this so if I've missed anything of course feel free to email. We would also LOVE it if you would mention our shirts on your blog:) We tried to make the shirts not be totally specific to our adoption but just to the heart God has given us about how we are to use what He's blessed us with.

Here are some pics of the shirts. They are just the graphic pics. I'm hoping to have them in hand by Sept 20th. They will be shipped out as soon as we get them. I will also post more pics of what they look like when they arrive.

Feeling lucky??

We got the news today that we won 32" flat screen Sony HDTV from our local television station. We are of course OVER the moon:) So while I'm feeling LUCKY, I'm gonna head on over HERE to buy a couple of chances at a FREE iPad while I help bring home a baby girl from Ethiopia. Our friends are adopting and are trying to raise funds by raffling off an iPad.. you MUST go enter:) and help bring Nora home!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Perfect Weekend

We have had a wonderful Labor day weekend. We spent the day Saturday @ Silver Dollar City with family. The kids all had a blast riding rides with their cousins. It was a super fast trip to Branson but we had tons of fun.
This morning we went to Woolly Hollow and had a great day at one of our state parks. We all went on a hike and then played on the playground. Grandma then came and picked up Piper Jane while the rest of us went on a canoe ride. This was the first canoe ride our boys have been on and they loved it!

Andrew has lost 2 teeth in a week and another one is loose. I told him we're going to have to feed him baby food until he gets some new teeth:) Breaks my heart that I'll never again see that little boy with his baby teeth:( I want to freeze time so badly!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy birthday Andrew!

I can't believe you are SEVEN years old:( breaks my heart how fast time flies! I honestly cannot think of enough nice things to say about you. You are an amazing little boy with a heart of gold. We are thoroughly enjoying watching you grow and learn more about Him. You are determined to be a scientist and it pretty much consumes your every thought! I love you more than words could ever describe sweet little Andrew Reagan!

Teens, here we come!!

We are now NUMBER....

The next time I share our new number, we will be in the TEENS!!! My guess is that we won't make it to number 10 before we get a referral. We have an unofficial waiting list on our yahoo group and there are only 9 ahead of us on there. So 10 that are ahead of us have not put their info on the group website BUT here's the rundown on the 9 that are ahead of us. 4 of the families ahead of us are requesting sibling groups. 2 of the families are asking for either boy or girl. Only 3 ahead of us are asking for a girl and two of those are requesting infant. So if the rest of the folks that haven't put their info on the board are like these, we should be around #8 - #12 (my unscientific guess;0) in line for a little girl. How exciting is THAT?!!
I'm guessing we'll have a referral sometime in October... my guess is October 17th:)

AND get ready for some SUPER cute t-shirts. We are hoping to have t-shirts ready to sell in the next couple of weeks.