Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 3 brought to you by Piper Jane:)

Today we had fun. We went to the beach. Today we looked for some crabs. Today we had fun and we swimmed and we built sand castles and we made a tunnel. We had fun. We went to buy a couple of things at an airplane museum. I got to get a bear that has goggles on. We had shrimp and fried rice for lunch. We got to have a chinese cookie (fortune cookie;). Now we are watching a movie.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 2 recap by Andrew

I liked today because we got to go to the Gulfarium and see the bloodthirsty alligators. We got to see two green anole lizards in the wild. Before we left for the Gulfarium, we peered out of our window and saw 4-5 stingrays. Parker saw them first and momma said it was just seaweed and then Parker said, "well it's flying seaweed". I saw amazing dolphins swimming by our condo. While I was snorkeling, I saw a black crab. I also saw a large dead crab. We got to eat drumsticks for dessert tonight. Dad took us swimming tonight after dessert. Today was one of my favorite days on the beach.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


We are having a great time at the beach. I'm going to try to let the bigger kids dictate my blog posts while we are away. Tonight Parker is going to recap our first full day at the beach:)
Today we had sausage balls for breakfast and they were delicious. Then we went outside and swam in the ocean. The waves were really big. They were washing me away. Then we ordered pizza for dinner. We went outside when it was dark when the crabs come out. We caught some
crabs, tons of crabs and we let
them all go. Its been a good day. The end.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Two of a Kind

The other night I was making a pot roast and told Cameron I had to make deviled eggs because HELLO you can't have a pot roast without deviled eggs;). Which got me to thinking.... what are other things that don't work alone? So here's my list:)
1. Peanut butter and jelly (no brainer)
2. Chicken noodle soup and saltine crackers
3. Vienna Sausage and saltine crackers (what a delicacy:)
4. Me being sick and Outback's Potato soup
5. My potato soup and cornbread
6. Sweet tea and EVERYTHING!!
7. Sauerkraut and hot dogs AND mashed potatoes. Heck, you can add mashed potatoes to everything listed above as well:)
8. Zack and Kelly
9. Bo and Hope (are they still together?)
10. Minivans and blinged out rims!
What about you?! What are some of your two of a kinds?!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Andrew Reagan!

     We had a great time celebrating Andrew's 9th birthday! We decided to make our own cake b/c well... it's fun! :) We partied at mom and dad's house. A 2 minute storm blew up and of course dad sent us all rushing to the safe room;) We're Glover's though so we're use to it. After the tornado storm blew over we spent the rest of the evening on the lake. The kids had a blast catching crawfish and the parents spent the night saying "don't lay down in that mud". I'm pretty sure my friend Jen R had an anxiety attack with those filthy kids riding home in her van. Shhh... Don't tell her ours didn't take a bath before going to bed.
    Instead of presents Andrew wanted folks to bring groceries for Bethlehem House, our local homeless shelter. We have been grocery shopping for Bethlehem house for about 4-5 months now. God has totally opened up this ministry. I have some amazing friends and family who donate monthly about $15 towards our shopping trip. The kids love it! It was AWESOME to unload the van and only have about 2-3 presents. We left the 7-8 bags of groceries in the van and will deliver them tomorrow. Andrew is very excited about taking his 'presents' to the Bethlehem House:)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Do Re Mi

How did I miss Sound of Music?! Oh what a fantastic movie. Mary Poppins has always been my favorite, well of course along with Pete's Dragon and now add SOM to the list. The kids loved it, too! Here is mine and Pippy's rendition;) we maaaay be getting on everyone's nerves around here:):)