Friday, November 30, 2012

School time

We are sick today so we are missing out on our kCA day. We always miss our KCA fam when we can't make it. I saw this on my friends blog and decided to do it with the kids today. They loved being doctors and performing surgery on some contractions.
Andrew is learning a lot of multiplication around here. We did a matching game with his 4's and 6's.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chocolate with Coconut Oil

Oh this is good stuff and good for ya!!! A sweet friend of mine gave me this recipe. She's a health food girl. There's only 1/4 cup honey in each batch and it doesn't bother my blood sugar much at all. It taste a lot like a hershey's bar with almonds. We've also done plain chocolate, chocolate with peanut butter chips and peppermint chocolate. It's all DELICIOUS! You must give it a try. Here's the recipe:
1 cup coconut oil
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/4 cup honey
1 tsp vanilla extract ( IF you want to make peppermint chocolate which taste just like junior mints you also need to add 2 tsp of peppermint extract)
Thinly sliced almonds (as many as you'd like)

I use a small food processor and mix all ingredients EXCEPT slivered almonds. After all ingredients are mixed, I add almonds and just mix with spoon. Pour on cookie sheet that is covered with wax paper and put in freezer for about 10 minutes. Break into pieces and store in freezer. OH it's SOO yummy!!!

(Coconut oil a solid unless it is stored above 77 degrees so it's not going to be right by the other oils, usually on same aisle but possibly not right beside it.)

This is a batch of peppermint chocolate

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 3 brought to you by Piper Jane:)

Today we had fun. We went to the beach. Today we looked for some crabs. Today we had fun and we swimmed and we built sand castles and we made a tunnel. We had fun. We went to buy a couple of things at an airplane museum. I got to get a bear that has goggles on. We had shrimp and fried rice for lunch. We got to have a chinese cookie (fortune cookie;). Now we are watching a movie.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 2 recap by Andrew

I liked today because we got to go to the Gulfarium and see the bloodthirsty alligators. We got to see two green anole lizards in the wild. Before we left for the Gulfarium, we peered out of our window and saw 4-5 stingrays. Parker saw them first and momma said it was just seaweed and then Parker said, "well it's flying seaweed". I saw amazing dolphins swimming by our condo. While I was snorkeling, I saw a black crab. I also saw a large dead crab. We got to eat drumsticks for dessert tonight. Dad took us swimming tonight after dessert. Today was one of my favorite days on the beach.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


We are having a great time at the beach. I'm going to try to let the bigger kids dictate my blog posts while we are away. Tonight Parker is going to recap our first full day at the beach:)
Today we had sausage balls for breakfast and they were delicious. Then we went outside and swam in the ocean. The waves were really big. They were washing me away. Then we ordered pizza for dinner. We went outside when it was dark when the crabs come out. We caught some
crabs, tons of crabs and we let
them all go. Its been a good day. The end.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Two of a Kind

The other night I was making a pot roast and told Cameron I had to make deviled eggs because HELLO you can't have a pot roast without deviled eggs;). Which got me to thinking.... what are other things that don't work alone? So here's my list:)
1. Peanut butter and jelly (no brainer)
2. Chicken noodle soup and saltine crackers
3. Vienna Sausage and saltine crackers (what a delicacy:)
4. Me being sick and Outback's Potato soup
5. My potato soup and cornbread
6. Sweet tea and EVERYTHING!!
7. Sauerkraut and hot dogs AND mashed potatoes. Heck, you can add mashed potatoes to everything listed above as well:)
8. Zack and Kelly
9. Bo and Hope (are they still together?)
10. Minivans and blinged out rims!
What about you?! What are some of your two of a kinds?!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Andrew Reagan!

     We had a great time celebrating Andrew's 9th birthday! We decided to make our own cake b/c well... it's fun! :) We partied at mom and dad's house. A 2 minute storm blew up and of course dad sent us all rushing to the safe room;) We're Glover's though so we're use to it. After the tornado storm blew over we spent the rest of the evening on the lake. The kids had a blast catching crawfish and the parents spent the night saying "don't lay down in that mud". I'm pretty sure my friend Jen R had an anxiety attack with those filthy kids riding home in her van. Shhh... Don't tell her ours didn't take a bath before going to bed.
    Instead of presents Andrew wanted folks to bring groceries for Bethlehem House, our local homeless shelter. We have been grocery shopping for Bethlehem house for about 4-5 months now. God has totally opened up this ministry. I have some amazing friends and family who donate monthly about $15 towards our shopping trip. The kids love it! It was AWESOME to unload the van and only have about 2-3 presents. We left the 7-8 bags of groceries in the van and will deliver them tomorrow. Andrew is very excited about taking his 'presents' to the Bethlehem House:)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Do Re Mi

How did I miss Sound of Music?! Oh what a fantastic movie. Mary Poppins has always been my favorite, well of course along with Pete's Dragon and now add SOM to the list. The kids loved it, too! Here is mine and Pippy's rendition;) we maaaay be getting on everyone's nerves around here:):)

Friday, August 31, 2012

First day of KCA!!

We had such a great first day of KCA today. I am so excited about teaching Zoology 2 with Jen R. We are going to have so much fun this year learning all about the amazing creatures God created on the 5th day!!
Joleigh is going to love the 3 yr old room. She loves all her little friends:)
Piper is in PreK and is SO excited about school. The boys are getting to take Great writing classes, super Lit classes, fantastic science;), spectacular Spanish, exciting Unit Studies, fun Art and interesting Mystery of History. We are looking forward to learning so much as a family this year.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A second glance..

This past weekend we helped out with a Fun-day for the residents of a very low income apartment complex. We had TONS of tables set up with lots and lots of clothing and some really great toys, etc. My Aunt Sue planned the day and several people brought things out to give away. The kids were thrilled with all of their new toys and clothing. I'm gonna be honest. Some of that clothing made me a little judgmental. I even said to my husband, "Okay let's meet their needs, not give them all our crap!" Don't worry all you folks who brought a RIDICULOUS amount of goodness to my home to give away... I didn't feel that way about ya'lls stuff... but there was some stuff there that I had some judgmental thoughts about. One in particular was a doll. Oh this doll was raggedy! I mean no clothes. It's head didn't match it's body, which was three tones dingy! Then to top it all off there was an empty hole in it's back where batteries once were stored. I almost didn't place it on a table. I thought it belonged in the trash but there was a little nudge in me that was saying "might as well put it out there". Whew God works in mysterious ways. Hours later all the toys were gone and a little girl and her momma were looking through the clothing. This little girl kinda glanced at the doll. You could tell she knew it wasn't a 'nice' doll. She probably had the same thoughts I had when I saw the doll... but then something changed. Her judgment was replaced with love. The second glance she gave to this doll hooked her. She picked it up and wrapped it in her arms and held it like she had been mothering her entire life. Oh it left me with so many emotions. Part of me wanted to give her a 'nice' doll, one that she deserved but then isn't there something SO special about the fact that her second glance changed everything about how she thought about that doll?! What a lesson it was for me! What a lesson it should be for all of us. I think some people really believe we/they are blessed with so much because of their own doing. Like we've/they've earned it.
Yesterday afternoon I saw a young man pushing a shopping cart FULL of cans. About three bags worth. He was several blocks away from the scrap metal place. It broke my heart b/c remember me!! I know how much cans bring and 3 black trash bags are not gonna give him much. I watched him from a distance push that cart over a gravel headed to his final destination and I begged God to always break my heart for the helpless. The fatherless. Those who can't stand up or defend themselves. There are SO many opportunities for us (the RICH) to practically love those who are in need. If you haven't read Jen Hatmaker's book 7, what are you waiting on?! Our family is about to start purging some possessions and intentionally placing them in the hands of those in need. We're not dropping 'em off at GoodWill. We are praying for God to allow our worlds to collide!

Two reasons to rejoice!

Piper turned 4 and Joleigh has been home a year!! They are both such beautiful little girls  and such a blessing to our lives!!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I've always known this but...

he really is a keeper:)
We celebrate our 10 year anniversary this summer and on our cruise Cameron had written the "Top 10 Reasons I Love You". He's so talented:D

1. 1 is for the place you hold in my heart. Making you my bride was one decision I call smart.
2. 2 is for the two of us a perfect pair we make. We laugh, we cry, we joke, we love, we do not have to fake. God has joined us 2 together forever we will be 2 lovebirds in God's nest of life, high up in the trees.
3. 3 is for the month in which our love began to sprout. When I asked you out my mission was clear, there was never a bit of doubt. We were already best friends but God had something more in store. My first task was to fight off all those other sleezebags off you like a rabid wild boar. (Seriously.... he's hilarious;)
4. 4 is for the treasure of the arrows that fill our quiver. Our love flows for those little tikes like a mighty roaring river. You sacrifice, you give, you love, you pray for God guide those little arrows to shoot true and to shoot straight.
5. 5 is for our fingers which give a lovely poke. A simple gesture of our love and affection, no need for words to be spoke. I love you so much, I'm so happy we're on this cruise. I could poke your little tummy all day long, but then I'd be sad if it made a bruise. (hehe... so before we officially told each other we loved each other we would always poke each other in the side and say it was a love poke:)
6. 6 is for the month you were born. The 29th a most joyous and wonderful day. God placed you under a rock and then you were found by a Glover passing by the way. (my dad always said they found me under a rock;)
7. 7 is for perfection God established upon His creation. Every person has some flaws, but you seem to have escaped that misfortune. (okay he knows he's lying here;)
I would be a fool to ever ask you to change. If perfect's what you're searching for then please just stay the same.
8. 8 is for the eight ball we ask our all important queries. What is the future will I find love, will the night be long and dreary. No matter what magic the eight ball says my love is set in stone. I have found my only one true love, and she will never walk alone.
9. 9 is for the 9,999,999,999 reasons I love you. They are new and fresh everyday. So many unique and lovely qualities everyday on display. There are so many things that make you such a wonderful wife and mother. Your character, your love, your passion, your care all combine like a rainbow full of color.
10. 10 is where I put you on the scale super hot! You rise above all the reest like the creme of the crop. Your lips, your curves (really?;), your face, your hair. You've got it all and no one even comes near or can compare.

I am blessed to be married to such an incredible man. He truly is an amazing daddy and husband and he is so talented. He can always come up with a rap, rhyme or jingle to make me laugh:). I love you Cameron!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Broken for the things that break the heart of God

This morning at church we heard stories and facts about human trafficking. That human trafficking is even a "phrase" is disturbing in itself. I remember when Cameron and I arrived in Ethiopia to meet Joleigh for the first time. There were SO many emotions throughout our adoption. A lot of "are we sures?" ... mainly for her and not us. Are we sure this is the best for her, etc.. We arrived in ET at night and as we were leaving the airport I knew we were doing the right thing for Joleigh. The young girls who lined the streets of Ethiopia late in the evening gave me chills. I had never thought of human trafficking being a possibility for her future until we touched down in ET and saw those young faces and it just seemed so real to me. This morning she sat in my lap as I heard the facts and saw the faces of human trafficking and my heart was thankful He placed her in our home. And my heart was heavy for all the young girls/women who are being victimized. Oh we need to stand in the gap for these girls. We need to be in prayer for them and for the men who keep the business booming. Wives, we need to be in prayer for all the men in our lives. Pray that pornography will NOT have a place in ANY of our men's lives.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I've had the time of my life....

Okay so it was the song that came to mind when I was wondering what to name this post:) Cameron and I just returned from Family Life's Love Like You Mean it marriage cruise. WOW! It was amazing! This year we are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary and wanted to really go somewhere special. When we heard about this cruise we knew it was for us! Not only was it a CRUISE, on the BEACH, but bathed in His word about the purpose of marriage. Oh it was good! SO good in fact that we have signed up for next year's cruise. We signed up to be group leaders, which pretty much means we are sharing our experience with others and encouraging them to come with us. Anyone who signs up with our group (The Wallace Group) gets $200 off their cruise AND we get an extra $200 off of ours. SO we are hoping to cruise for free! :D
The beaches we visited were amazing. The entertainment was fantastic. The food was ever-flowing and FREE (well included in the cost)! BUT one of the highlights were the sessions. Being led in worship by today's top Christian artist, being bathed in scripture by some gifted speakers who have a passion for marriage and just being reminded of the purpose of marriage... to reflect to a lost world Christ's love for the church. Oh it was good. Now if you know me, you know I'm a "Live Simply" kinda girl. Right now if you book the cheaper rooms available (the 3 cheapest cabins are already taken) it would cost you around $2300 BUT you would receive $200 for telling them you are with the "Wallace Group". Of course the cruise sails from Miami so most would need airfare. Here's how we handle that expense. Cameron and I have a miles earning credit card that we use and pay it off monthly. We were able to fly free this year and almost have enough miles to fly free next year. You can google "best mileage credit card offers" and probably start off with at least one free round trip.
The main reason Cameron and I felt led to go back next year was to be able to encourage others around us to go. It's seriously the most amazing investment for a marriage. If you are interested in more info about the cruise or more info on the discount for the Love Like You Mean it Marriage cruise (I wrote that in case people googled the phrase;0)... just let me know. You can email

Here are some details about next year:
The cruise will be Feb 11-15. It will go to Key West and Cozumel. Voddie Baucham will be speaking. Barbara and Dennis Rainey will be speaking. Sara Groves, who is one of my FAVORITES will be performing. Anthony Evans will also be performing and more TBA. They have a payment plan option so you can pay it out over 10 months. Here's the website for cruise info BUT they have yet to update the site with next years information.

We were blessed to be able to cruise with my cousin Amy and her husband, Brian. They are expecting their first child this July!:)
This is the ship they are using for next year:)
This was a private beach where we snorkeled. The BEST day of the trip:)
I think Family Life should consider using this picture on their advertisement brochures;0) I told Cameron I want it to be blown up by my casket at my funeral!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


We've been on a smoothie kick around this house lately. This week alone we've had 5 smoothies each:) It started out with the Green Monster which my cousin gave me the recipe for. I use a frozen banana, some yogurt, a cup or so of orange juice and a good handful of spinach. Then I bought a prepackage smoothie mix b/c I had a coupon AND it was on sale... it consisted of frozen bananas and strawberries and frozen yogurt pieces. Then you add a cup of apple juice (and then I added a handful of spinach). This one is YUMMY! It taste just like the McDonald's stawberry/banana smoothie. I recreate this one often.
I read about a PB/banana smoothie and thought the kids might like it. It was just a couple tablespoons of PB, a frozen banana, some yogurt and a little milk (and of course some spinach). I couldn't bring myself to drink it but the kids LOVED it!!
One of their favorites is a Chocolate/Banana smoothie. I use Carnation Instant Breakfast, frozen banana, yogurt and milk (and spinach). This one is great!!!

Some tips I do is cut my bananas into pieces and freeze them. I also freeze yogurt in an ice tray. OH and if the spinach is gonna show up too much, I just add a drop of green food coloring so the kids don't know;0) I just tell em we're having monster smoothies. Really though it only happens with the orange juice/banana smoothie.

I'm so proud of myself! We've had spinach almost everyday this week.... I even hid some spinach and squash in our spaghetti tonight. Those of you who know me know I'm a meat and potatoes girl. The only veggies I enjoy are green beans, corn and potatoes. I'm TRYING:D Yay ME!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tree Fort:)

Cameron is sooo handy!! Not only is he handy, he is also a perfectionist (which does sometimes take a little longer than speedy Jenny can stand BUT the finished product is ALWAYS worth the wait:).
He wanted to build a tree fort in the back yard. He's been working on it for a few months and IT.IS.FINISHED!!! Oh it's amazing. These pictures don't quite do it justice. It's really large. It's an irregular hexagon (that's six sides for those of you who aren't not the queen of Geometry like I am;0). He weighted the door so you can pull a pvc pipe and it opens and then just pull the rope attached to it for closure. OH isn't that SO high tech?!
Anyway, I cannot wait for beautiful 70 degree weather where I can sit up there and READ. We found a great chair at a flea market that is the perfect addition. Many, MANY memories will be made at this tree fort. We are hoping to put a picnic table under it sometime soon.
And YES I am way more excited about this than anyone else in the family:)

In this pic, you can see the door. This was prior to completion.
There are now rails up beside it so no one can fall overboard!
My sweet 6 year old leaving the fort.