Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas at our house

We had a GREAT Christmas this year. First of all Cameron and I were not sick as dogs with the stomach bug like we were last year... whew.. we were SO thankful for that!
We had a great time celebrating with both families. This was Piper's first year to really understand that she had presents. We had to wake her up about 8:45 so we could all open our presents. She was not very happy about us waking her.... until.... she saw the presents:)
Here are some pics of our day....

Andrew and Parker got Bibles this year. Andrew is so funny! He was giddy about it. He can read now and so this was a HUGE hit for him. He has read every chapter/verse commentary they've placed in Genesis so far. It's so sweet! Today I was trying to get he and Park to play quietly so I said, "Andrew go read one of your new chapter books".. he said, "but I just wanna read the Bible". hehe

Our family photo by the tree included everyone:)... even Buster. He was intrigued by the camera going off by itself he had to have a look at it so that's his fuzzy self you see on the right side by the picture:)

We are thrilled at the thought of how wonderful our next Christmas will be!!

** oh and might I add... I sewed Parker and Andrew's pajama pants:) They were a little jealous that Piper got all the new "sewn" clothes;) and by the way... here's her cute little Christmas dress I made.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Family Day

Yesterday we surprised the kids with a trip to Mid America Museum in Hot Springs. It was part of their Christmas:) They all had a BLAST! Here's a few pics of our day.. via my cell phone;)

Andrew said, "Dad isn't it funny how on the girl's bathroom signs they make girls only have one leg?!" hehehe

We have a BIG girl:)

We moved Piper to a big girl bed this week and she has done very well! A month ago we moved the boys to the playroom and decided to move Piper to their old room. So not only did she move to a big girl bed but she was also in a different room, which probably caused a little anxiety. She cried a couple of times the first night but since then, she really has done great! She stays in her bed talking to Lotso and her other friends:) until we go get her the next day.
We've also done away with diapers at nap and night time!!! YAY! She has been potty trained since 18-19 months but has still worn diapers at night and nap. She's done great with that.. no accidents... yet:) We are VERY thankful because we cloth diaper. Yesterday I washed my LAST load of diapers. We're not sure if we'll have to use them on Joleigh yet. I really bet she will be potty trained by the time we get her but you never know. There are two families taking pictures and one taking a video of our little Joleigh next week. I can't describe how excited we are about this!!! I canNOT wait to get more pictures of our sweet little one.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The last two mornings have been so drastically different! Yesterday morning I woke up early to go kiss my dad before he went in for a 5 bypass heart surgery. This morning I woke up with the knowledge he was off the ventilator and his fever was down! SUCH different emotions both mornings BUT the one thing that was constant was worship. I drove to the hospital yesterday morning praising my Father. The song Light up the Sky came on... light up the sky to show me you are with me... Tears flowed as the sun was coming up and my Father comforted me with a peace only He can give. This morning as I drove to work, I praised and worshipped Him again!! So even though there were so many uncertainties yesterday morning and so many reasons to be thankful this morning, He was the same. He worthy... WORTHY of ALL praise!

My dad is doing well tonight. He's been sitting up and talking today. His boss even stopped by tonight to let him know about his raise and Christmas bonus:) He still needs prayers for his recovery. I know he is in a lot of pain!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Yesterday morning I was awakened by a call that no one wants to get. My mom called and said my dad was having a heart attack and was on his way to the hospital. It's been a VERY long two days. We found out there's massive blockage and he will go in for 4 -5 bypass heart surgery in the morning. It's strange b/c he's really a pretty good eater, not really overweight, 58 years old.. very unexpected.
The Lord has given me joy in this time of uncertainty though. I remember when my grandmother was dying in the hospital... oh how I loved that lady!!! She had 10 children so there were probably close to 20 people surrounding her bed into the wee morning hours waiting on her to meet Jesus. Parker was just a baby and I remember driving home early, early that morning thinking about what a blessing it was for her to have such a large family! What JOY we shared as we shared stories about her. Oh, I love those moments with family. God has given me that over the past two days. I've been with aunts, uncles, loved ones and just shared so many memories of their past. I remember thinking before that night with grandma that two children were plenty but when I left that hospital room... I knew He wasn't finished in our home. I hope 30-40 years from now if I'm in the hospital all of ours are gathered laughing, crying and loving each other.
I'm tired and don't really plan on resting anytime soon. Please be in prayer for my dad in the morning. The surgery begins @ 7:30 and he should be out by 11:00.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Doc visit

Joleigh isn't even here yet but we took "her" for her first doc appt today:). Our agency requires us to get all of her medical information looked at by a doctor and he said she looked perfect... on paper:). She did have a parasite and has been treated and he said she may require another round of treatment b/c a lot of kids do but other than that everything was great. We are "hoping" to get some pics taken of her by a family traveling there next week.. if we can get our notarized permission letter to them by Monday... cross your fingers:)
I LOVE having her picture! It's my wallpaper on my phone and I look at it ALL the time! I just LOVE it! She's so pretty. I know the wait will be hard but I also know before we know it, she'll be here.
Here are a couple of pics of us seeing her picture for the first time. I didn't capture Piper seeing it for the first time b/c her first time to see her sister was a picture on my phone so I couldn't use my phone to take a pic;) BUT she was excited. We have a BIG picture hanging at her level on the fridge and she loves to look at it.