Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy 7 month Piper Jane

Piper Jane is 7 months today. She is definitely going through some major stranger danger right now. My cousin Amy and her husband Brian came to stay a few days and Piper was not about to let them see her smile. It was so funny. She is such a momma's girl. She did actually warm up to Brian and Amy not long before they left but it took quite some time. Today we decorated our tree. The kids had a great time. The boys were SO excited to put up all the ornaments. Mrs. Mindy made some with them last year and they were really excited to get those out and hang them up again:). I took a couple of pics of Piper by the tree. She's doing pretty good at sitting up.
We all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We loved spending time with Amy and Brian. Amy and I went shopping on Black Friday and got a Wii Fit. It's been super fun! I told Cam I'm gonna be "bowed up from the flo up".. hehe.. just kidding but it is QUITE the workout!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A little bit of everything..

Things have been pretty busy around here.. I've had tons I've wanted to blog about but no time to do it.

Today I took Piper for her 6 month visit (even though she's really almost 7 months:). Poor little thing, she did NOT like those shots! She's had a tough night tonight. The doc says she's still pretty tall. On a 6 month scale, she would be at the 95th %tile in height. Since she's almost 7 months I asked what she would be on the 7 month scale and it was still about 85th. Isn't that just crazy?

Andrew has a loose tooth:( How depressing is that?? I'm praying that it will grow new roots and stick around a while longer. I don't think I can handle my baby losing a tooth already. I told him I was sad it was loose because that means he's growing up. He said, "It's okay if I get a grown up tooth, I can still come to your bed and snuggle you, can't I?" Bless his heart!! He's a keeper!

I'm a little depressed Dancing with the Stars is over:(. Cam and I LOVE that show... and it's inspired a lot of new dance moves for us. I promised Anna a video of one of our latest moves but we seriously cannot find our video camera. I really need to declutter... anyway.. back to dancing with the stars. Cam said tonight, "Maybe we can become dancing pros so we can be on dancing with the stars". I told him we had a better chance of starring in a hit movie and becoming a star than we did becoming dancing pros.

We have officially become a Wii family.. I told you it's been busy around here. Anywho... my back muscles and arm muscles (yes, I have muscles) are KILLING me! That boxing is serious business. I definitely get WAY too involved. I honestly feel as though I'm in the ring. My cousin Amy and her husband Brian are coming to stay for Thanksgiving and I can't wait to whoop up on them.. well, and visit and spend a lovely Thanksgiving together.

I'll leave you with pics I took of Sissy while she rolled around the floor... the first one is the look she gives strangers. She's a little apprehensive toward people she isn't around a lot... but the second picture is the look she has when she sees MOMMY:).

Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm just saying...

Praise the Lord for Puff's Kleenex with lotion! Owweee.. my nose is killing me. Yesterday I could NOT swallow, today I can NOT breathe! I've been achy and sick all day... contemplating missing work tomorrow.
It's been wild around here lately... we've had visitors and no I'm not talking brown recluse.. I'm talking a mouse. YIKES. I haven't slept well for about 5 nights because it's made it's home in my night stand. Darn it! It always has a party at night and wakes me up... I dreamed last night it was in my bed. I told Cam I was sleeping on the couch if we didn't catch it. As Piper and I were laying on my bed watching Dancing with the Stars, I see it run across the bathroom floor. Cam put out two glue pads and sure enough about 5 minutes later that little stinker had ran onto one. This was what I wanted, right... I should be relieved b/c I'll be able to sleep tonight... yea right, if I can ever get the picture of that sweet little mouse struggling on that glue board out of my head. Ugghhh... it was horrible! Cam was against taking it to the vet :(... poor little Stuart Little.

On a funnier note... today in my 5th grade Math class a boy said, "Mrs. Wallace, have you heard the song Don't Blink by Trace Adkins?" I said, "Oh my, yes, that song is SO sad"... he said, "whatever... I've been blinking as much as I can and it's not working". I couldn't help but laugh...

On an even funnier note... tonight during my misery I began to read our Kleenex box. Now, unfortunately this wasn't the Puffs Plus. I only have the good stuff at school:(. This was some sort of Kleenex that supposedly kills germs. I was a little intrigued so I began to read the box. It was telling what type of germs it exterminates and then I read that it takes 15 to kill the blasted germs. I'm thinking, "seriously though who leaves dirty Kleenexes lying around for 15 minutes, I mean just throw the thing away". Well... I guess I chuckled too soon. I saw Piper gnawing on something and sure enough it was that germ killer Kleenex and then I got to thinking "Oh no, it's only been about 13 minutes"... sorry Piper!

Okay, another side note... Parker just went #2 and when he was finished he said, "I'm finished and it's quite big". I mean really, what 3 year old says that?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

2 for 1..

I just had to snap a pic with my phone of our first bag of recycled trash. Since I work at a Green school, we have recycle trailers on site all the time so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to start recycling. Cam thinks I'm a little overboard because I'm policing what he throws in the regular trash now but come on now, if we're gonna save the earth, let's save the earth:).
I had Cam put the trash bag by our "I am thankful for" tree so I could upload a 2 for 1 pic. I got this idea from Krista, although I'm sure her tree looks much better than ours:)... I'm hoping to start a tradition where we'll always put our tree up on Cam's birthday (Nov 3) and then take it down the day after Thanksgiving. I'm going to keep our leaves so we can look back on them later. It's been fun. We make our leaves at dinner time and sometimes when I have forgotten the boys have reminded me.
I've been sick today with a SORE throat. Tonight I made some Wassil and we all sat at the table with our coffee cups and wassil. It reminded me of a time when I worked at the Christian Book Store with my dear friend Lanna. On Saturdays before Christmas we would serve wassil so they had it written on the calendar, along with the names of the workers who were to work that day. I remember Lanna seeing the calendar and asking "Who is Wassil, did we hire somebody?" :)... ahhh.. I always think of Lanna when I drink Wassil:).

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Frozen smiles..

I'm taking advantage of the free photo book from Snapfish and wanted to get a family photo for the book.... SO I thought we could go take a couple today. We were literally out there for a total of 3 minutes and about froze! The wind was FIERCE!! So, it wasn't a good idea but I did get a couple of decent pictures. We'll try again when the temp is out of the 40's :).

I think Parker looks like Marky- Mark here with his hat on:)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Geez Louise...

I need to plan something upbeat and fun to do the next time the CMA's are on. The past two years I've just happened to come across it while flipping the remote and end up crying like a baby! Last year it was Kellie Pickler's song about her daddy and this year Carrie Underwood had a horribly sad song. Then that guy that sings Honkey tonk badonk a donk... okay, I really don't know that song but I have heard it and am still shocked that there's really a song named that... anyway... he sang a song called "You're gonna miss this"... OH ... MY... Goodness!!! How depressing! Of course I just had to be folding tiny clothes in the floor and started crying thinking how much I am going to miss folding these sweet clothes.. especially those super hero pajamas. After I rewound both songs with DVR Cam threatened to steal the remote or pull the plug:).

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Greetings from Africa

I met a dear friend when I taught in Rwanda. His name is Andrew. He was a teacher in the class I taught. He just recently got email and has been emailing me a couple of times a month. I just love to hear from him. It always takes me back to my time in Rwanda. It really puts things into perspective for me. He told me that his sister just passed away because she was ill. It broke my heart for him. I know he and his family have suffered greatly from illnesses. When I told him that I was teaching in an elementary school and Andrew was with me, he asked me if Parker and Piper stayed home alone. Imagine that... and I totally understand the question because it's the norm in Rwanda but can you imagine a 3 year old home alone?
Here is a picture he sent me. He is studying computers right now in school.
Dear Lord... Please be with Andrew. Help him to have success in his studies and be able to find a job to help support his family. I pray for his health and the health of his family. My heart breaks for the people of Rwanda and the struggles they face daily but I find comfort in the fact that You are sovereign and in complete control. Thank you so much for all that you've taught me through my friendship with Andrew. I pray that our friendship will last for many years to come.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fall Pics

Here are some pics I've taken over the past couple of weeks but am just now taking time to upload. Parker and Andrew had a great time trick or treating this year. Andrew was the "Red Ranger" and Park was "Buzz Likeyear:)". It's so great that they're still young and naive... they still have almost all of their candy left. Cam and I told them they could have 3 pieces a day... so for about 3 days they went by that rule and have kind of forgotten about it:). The rest of the pics are from Cam's mother's house. She has a beautiful yellow tree out front. As soon as Andrew saw it he said, "Is it FALL?" :)
Speaking of... we're keeping Andrew home after Thanksgiving and having him start Kindergarten next year. I've been a little uneasy with him being in Kindergarten because he's the youngest there and not just by a little bit but most are already 6 or just about to be 6 and Andrew just turned 5. I talked to his teacher and the principal and they both think logically he should stay because he's doing well academically and socially but they both understand my concerns as a mommy:). Andrew is super excited about staying home (he likes Kindergarten and has never complained but would really like to be home, too:). Parker is pretty pumped, too! Mrs. Mindy is going to continue to homeschool him with the curriculum she was using last year. It's really been a great experience for him and he's really enjoyed it but I'd feel much more comfortable with him being one of the older kids instead of the youngest. Another thing that played a huge role in our decision was that this year there are tons of boys. Andrew has 18 kids in his class and 12 are boys. All of our Kindergarten classes are that way this year and it concerned us for Andrew when he's older. I also think Andrew will be entirely too young at the age of 17 to leave his mommy:( and for sure will need another year... or maybe it's me that will need another year:).

but it was $12.00....

Now, I am a pretty cheap spender and always look for a deal. I get so upset when I've bought groceries and they're bad. Although I want to take it back and cause a stink, I usually just throw it away BUT this ham was $12.00. I mean, I could've eaten at Zaxby's like twice for that!!! So after cooking the ham the day before the sell or freeze by date... I realize it's ruined and slimy. I just couldn't let it go. Today, Cam and I go to Wal-Mart and I told him I'm gonna tell them that I've let other things slide by but not this one!!! I mean $12.00. As we pull into the parking lot, I sort of lose my gumption and beg him to take the empty ham wrapper with the fish net stocking that went around it with the price tag hanging off. Piper and I walk 10 feet ahead of him.... snickering while he's waiting for the elderly greeter to tag his trashy wrapper. It was taking forever. Piper and I made it almost clear to the ladie's section before that thing was tagged. I kept looking back laughing and every time I looked back he gave me this EVIL stare. I literally couldn't quit laughing... then I get to thinking that I'm probably embarrassing myself more by laughing than I would be if I were taking back the empty, trashy fish net wrapper... anyway... so Cam waits in line at the returns desk and one of his old bosses came by and said, "How are you doing?" as they glanced down at the trash in hand with a sticker waiting to be returned. Then the dreaded "you'll have to get an exchange" comment came from the lady behind the counter who looked disgusted by the empty wrapper. She asked him, "So did you eat it, keep it or throw it out?" seriously, like it even matters! At the end of the trip I eventually had to go up to the counter with my new ham in hand to get the exchange taken care of because Cam conveniently left his ID at home... I'm sure there were a few "white trash" comments thrown around about us after we left BUT at least we got a new ham:).

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Shouldn't everything stop?

I am so full of grief right now for the Attebery family that I find it hard to breath in and out and all the other things that I SO take for granted. I feel that I can't get a good enough look at my family, I just want to watch them longer. I'm so saddened for baby Bryce. Just a day ago he was nursing from his mommy and now is trying to learn to live without her embrace. I am so heartbroken for Scott. He was absolutely smitten with Jill. I will never forget his excitement after he met her. He would say, "I'm going to find my Jill Jarvis one day" and then as God would have it, he got THE Jill Jarvis. They found comfort in God through miscarriages and then finally were blessed with baby Bryce and now Jill isn't here to enjoy his first words, toddler years, school years.... I live with such fear of tragedy striking my family. This is definitely a sign of weak faith because God does not give me a spirit of fear. I should not cling to the things/people of this world as if they're all I have. It is so hard because He gives us such love for the blessings He places in our lives that sometimes it's so easy to get too attached and to never want to let go. Sometimes I wonder how Heaven could compare to embracing my family. My human mind is so simple and cannot wrap itself around the splendor of Heaven and His glory! I pray that God can give me a stronger faith and a better understanding of His goodness. Oh, how I rejoice in Him as my Savior. I rejoice in the fact that He opened my eyes, when I was, and still am, SO unworthy. Thank you so much Father for giving me something so much greater to look forward to than even the greatest moments here on earth. I can only imagine what kind of JOY I will have when I'm able to do nothing but praise You.
Aaron has posted on his blog a letter Scott wrote after a young lady in their church passed away a couple of years ago. It's as though Scott's words then are ministering to his pain now. Please continue to pray for this daddy and baby boy.


Jill went home to be with her Heavenly Father at 7:30 this morning. She remains on a ventilator so her organs can be donated. I can't even begin to imagine what Scott is going through. Thank you Lord that his faith is so strong and that he understands this world is NOT our home. Thank you Lord for the promise of eternity with You. May You be glorified in moments like these.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Prayers needed..

A friend of ours was in a bad car accident this afternoon. Scott, Jill and Bryce Attebery were traveling home from a family reunion when they had a car accident. Scott and baby Bryce have been released but Jill is in really bad shape. She was thrown from the vehicle. Praise God there was a nurse in the car behind them and was able to revive her twice before the ambulance got there. There was little hope she was going to survive at first but she's just come through surgery to fix some internal bleeding. NOW.. they're waiting to see what type of brain damage she may have. There's swelling and some bleeding around her brain. This family desperately needs our prayers Scott is a pastor in Eldorado. They just had their little boy a few months ago. I can't imagine what Scott is going through. I can't imagine what baby Bryce is going through. I'm sure he misses his mommy. Please keep this family in your prayers.
For updates you can check out this blog.

He gets it:)... well, sometimes..

I just put Parker and PIper down for their naps and Andrew and I were sitting here watching a little t.v. There was a scary movie on the Disney Channel. It was PG and I didn't realize it was going to be scary until I see these monster type creatures talking pretty scary. I reached over grabbed the remote to change it and Andrew said... "I wanna watch it". I said, "No, it's not a good show". About 2 minutes later he started lightly singing, "Oh be careful little eyes what you see". I said, "why are you singing that?" He said, "Because God doesn't want us seeing bad things like that movie".