Sunday, July 10, 2011

We're good...

Things are going well around here! We've been busy the past two weeks with swim lessons. We are soaking up summertime and spend a good portion of time in the pool:) Andrew and Parker are swimming so well. Andrew's swim teacher said he is 100% ready for swim team so we're thinking of letting him do that in the fall. we'll see.
The girls are great! Piper is a doll face. Tomorrow she has her FIRST dentist appt:) The boys will go for a cleaning and she will go for a counting;0) and Joleigh will probably be stuffing her face with cheerios. That's how she rolls;0)
Joleigh really is doing SO well! She has many new words. She's potty training, too. She is doing very well. It's hard for people to understand that bonding isn't automatic and that not only does she have to bond with me but I have to bond with her! It's really a complicated but beautiful process but it's tough. It's definitely getting better though. I love her more everyday. She is precious.

We have also been busy building a table!!! I'm SO excited about it:) We got an old door from a friend, bought some legs, some base boards and a piece of glass and tada... we bought some fun chairs to go along. Everybody has their own special chair. AND ignore the terrible mess on the bar! It was already cluttery and then we cleaned off the other chair arms which added to the mess:)