Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A second glance..

This past weekend we helped out with a Fun-day for the residents of a very low income apartment complex. We had TONS of tables set up with lots and lots of clothing and some really great toys, etc. My Aunt Sue planned the day and several people brought things out to give away. The kids were thrilled with all of their new toys and clothing. I'm gonna be honest. Some of that clothing made me a little judgmental. I even said to my husband, "Okay let's meet their needs, not give them all our crap!" Don't worry all you folks who brought a RIDICULOUS amount of goodness to my home to give away... I didn't feel that way about ya'lls stuff... but there was some stuff there that I had some judgmental thoughts about. One in particular was a doll. Oh this doll was raggedy! I mean no clothes. It's head didn't match it's body, which was three tones dingy! Then to top it all off there was an empty hole in it's back where batteries once were stored. I almost didn't place it on a table. I thought it belonged in the trash but there was a little nudge in me that was saying "might as well put it out there". Whew God works in mysterious ways. Hours later all the toys were gone and a little girl and her momma were looking through the clothing. This little girl kinda glanced at the doll. You could tell she knew it wasn't a 'nice' doll. She probably had the same thoughts I had when I saw the doll... but then something changed. Her judgment was replaced with love. The second glance she gave to this doll hooked her. She picked it up and wrapped it in her arms and held it like she had been mothering her entire life. Oh it left me with so many emotions. Part of me wanted to give her a 'nice' doll, one that she deserved but then isn't there something SO special about the fact that her second glance changed everything about how she thought about that doll?! What a lesson it was for me! What a lesson it should be for all of us. I think some people really believe we/they are blessed with so much because of their own doing. Like we've/they've earned it.
Yesterday afternoon I saw a young man pushing a shopping cart FULL of cans. About three bags worth. He was several blocks away from the scrap metal place. It broke my heart b/c remember me!! I know how much cans bring and 3 black trash bags are not gonna give him much. I watched him from a distance push that cart over a gravel headed to his final destination and I begged God to always break my heart for the helpless. The fatherless. Those who can't stand up or defend themselves. There are SO many opportunities for us (the RICH) to practically love those who are in need. If you haven't read Jen Hatmaker's book 7, what are you waiting on?! Our family is about to start purging some possessions and intentionally placing them in the hands of those in need. We're not dropping 'em off at GoodWill. We are praying for God to allow our worlds to collide!

Two reasons to rejoice!

Piper turned 4 and Joleigh has been home a year!! They are both such beautiful little girls  and such a blessing to our lives!!!