Thursday, February 28, 2013

He makes me giggle:)

Last year Cam gave me this top 10 for Valentine's day and this year he wrote a poem;)

A True Love Story...

It's a story for the ages
One of excitement and flare
A perfect match made in heaven
With which none else can compare

It's a tale of a girl
From a small quaint town
She was beloved by people everywhere
Her presence never producing a frown

Her beauty was unmatched
Her personality glowing
On a windy day one is mesmerized
By her long, blonde hair flowing

All the fellows around
Tried their hand at her heart
But she did not settle
She was much, much too smart

For she had on her mind
A young man from nearby
Who had charmed her and wooed her
And so caught her eye

He was handsome and dashing
His eyes blue as the sky
He was strong as a bull
His muscles stretched his shirt tight

His plan was quite clear
His feelings he could not hide
He had to capture her love
And make her his bride

So with his wisdom and wit
He pursued her to no end
They became best friends
And her heart he vowed to defend

As he dropped to one knee
All the towns folk agreed
These two loved each other
More than Snoop Dog loved weed

So the wedding bells rang out
The day she became his mate
Thus proving she was smarter
Than a big raisin or a lil grape

Oh I laughed and laughed. The last line is my FAVORITE movie line from Cats and Dogs 2. Cameron is by far my best friend and God fills our home and hearts with laughter. He is such an amazing man!