Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This and that..

Oh how I love being a mommy to these little boys!! Today was rock star day @ school. They are the cutest little Kindergardener and 1st grader I've ever seen:).

I am SO proud of myself because I am learning to sew!! I'm really just blindly walking myself through it but it's going pretty well. Unfortunately I never took a Home-Ec class in high school. All of my electives were with Agri:) So I can't sew but I can put together a lawn mower engine... okay Mr. Passmore may disagree with that;0) Maybe I should've taken a couple of Home-Ec classes and not taken Beef and Swine but Oh what fun we had castrating pigs. Seriously though some of my fondest high school memories are all of my years in FFA. LOVED it. For years though I've wanted to learn to sew. When Andrea called all gals to help sew cloth pads for some girls in Ethiopia, I thought THIS.IS.IT!! After successfully making some pads, I went and picked out a pattern and some material and WHALA here's the final product. I definitely made some mistakes and it's not exactly like I wanted but I am very pleased with my first attempt at sewing:) I did have a sweet friend ask "how do you do it all?" to which I chuckled!! So just to clear up any misconceptions.... while I was working on my project Cameron said, "you need to get up and clean something" :) hehe. I should've told him... "hey I took all FFA classes, not homemaking classes":) SO just so you know I'm pretty much a horrible housekeeper. I mean it's not terribly dirty but it's not ever really clean;0)

And I leave you with Andrew's adorable artwork. He read Flat Stanley last weekend and drew a pic from the front cover. SO cute. He didn't trace at all. I was so impressed! AND I just LOVE his little tree. Isn't this cute??!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Could this be our last number on the list??

We are now number NINE! SO very exciting. I know there are many ahead of us who are requesting siblings so I know we're really towards the top of the list for a little girl. IF there are several referrals at once, like usual, it's possible our referral will be with the next group. That. Is. SO. Exciting! I cannot even imagine what that phone call will be like but we are so ready for it.

In other Wallace news... we have a READER! Andrew is in the 1st grade this year and has just read his first Chapter book. It was SO adorable. He stayed up late reading Friday evening and woke up at 5:45 Saturday morning and came to our bed and said, "mommy, can I finish reading my book?" :) so cute. He finished another chapter book today. He's reading so very well. Parker is doing fantastic, too. Both of their teachers had nothing but great things to say about each of them. We are very proud of them both!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our life through pictures..

I thought I'd upload a few pics I've taken lately of the littles. The boys are playing Fall soccer and we LOVE it! The weather is SO much nicer than the Spring season. The boys are in different divisions b/c of their ages so it can be pretty crazy on Saturday mornings. Most of their games are at the same time so I'm back and forth between the two fields AND trying to watch Sassy-Fras while she plays on the playground. It's been a lot of fun and the boys really enjoy it.

Parker's kindergarten class went on their first field trip. They went to the pumpkin patch. Cameron went with them and I came over during my prep period and lunch. It was sweet to see him interact with his peers. He is a sweet, SWEET little boy and we are blessed to have him as part of our family.

Isn't this a cute pic of Sassy and her daddy? She LOVES her daddy! Piper is SO much fun. She sings constantly! She is currently stuck on Cedarmount kids "I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart". We listen to it over and Over and OVER again:). Tonight Andrew was taking his shirt off and Piper said, "no don't take you shirt off... I don't want to see you belly button". HA! Andrew and I just laughed and laughed!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A girl thing...

I know, I know... I hardly ever blog anymore. I want to. I have things to blog about BUT just no time to follow through with it. I mean seriously I'm running a t-shirt business;), I'm killing it in the classroom teaching some Geometry;), I'm loving on sweet littles and my best friend, and just never find time to sit down long enough to blog. BUT I have found time to learn to sew:) I'm SO excited about this b/c I've wanted to sew for so long. Well, my friend Andrea has summoned all gals to help sew some cloth pads for some girls in Ethiopia. You see girls in Ethiopia have to drop out of school when they begin their period b/c they have no way to stay clean. Well, this past week some teachers and I (and a couple of high schoolers) had a pad party. We got a little accomplished but mainly we figured out what type of pads we didn't want to make. This weekend I came home and found a GREAT AIO (All in one) pattern that is really easy to do. I've NEVER really sewn and for sure I've never pieced together a pattern so this was new stuff for me and I am SO proud!! We'd love some help! We're trying to put together 10 pads per girl. Would you be willing to sew some pads for us? If you feel you can't really sew... would you be willing to cut some patterns for us? That would be GREAT help. If not, would you be willing to get some fabric for us? We're using 100% cotton (colorful material) for the outer layer and flannel for the inner layer.

I also have been a little busy painting a cute picture for my cousin's birthday. Isn't it fun?? I'm going to make one for our house, too!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Almost in our TWEENS:)

We received an EMAIL yesterday from our agency letting us know we are now number FOURTEEN! We've never received a personal email stating our status before. We've just kept up by knowing how many referrals there are so that they personally contacted us to let us know is EXCITING! To be honest... I was a little sick at my stomach yesterday! All the unknowns are just so emotionally overwhelming. I'm not fearful or worried about the unknowns but just very excited and .... well.. not sure there are words to describe the feeling. We will get to see our baby girl for the first time. We'll know how old she is. We'll know her history... that may be the most overwhelming part of the whole thing. I'm not sure how I'll feel about or deal with her history. She may have parents that literally cannot provide for her and OHHHHhhhh what an honor it would be to take care of their/our little girl because they cannot but my heart will grieve with them because they canNOT. The wait has been hard but I have a feeling knowing the unknowns and coming to terms with them and trusting Him with them will not always be a cakewalk. BUT oh how honored we are that He is letting us follow Him into the homes of the broken.. into the world. Thank YOU Lord for opening our eyes to the needs of Your children. Help us to constantly be on the look out for ways to serve Yours while we're here. Not to us but to Your name be the GLORY!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sweet 16!

There were 3 referrals this week so we are now #16 on the waiting list! SO very exciting. I know for a fact there are four families ahead of us wanting sibling groups and I'm assuming there are a few that want boys. SO really it could be anytime! I'm hoping, hoping, HOPING it's this month or at least November but we'll see. Who knows... we may spend Christmas in Ethiopia this year??

I just had to get some pics of us at number 16:) so before church we ran out to the back yard and snapped a few.

If you are interested in buying a shirt... shoot me an email @
We are currently out of turquoise but have some more ordered. THANKS for supporting us and just for being an encouragement to us through this journey!

All I want for Christmas..

Just when I think Andrew can't get any cuter... he loses his two front teeth:)

He's loving the first grade and learning SO much! He just randomly picks up books and will read, read, read! I'm SO proud of him. Parker is doing FANTASTIC, too! He is constantly drawing and writing words to go with his drawings. It's adorable. Those two could sit for hours making little books! They are precious little boys who bring pure joy to our house!

Monday, October 4, 2010

They're here...

Our shirts are in:) They are $15.00 each (plus $2 shipping:). We're running really low on the turquoise already BUT the red and white are adorable, too! God has really blessed us in the sell of these t-shirts. If you don't know the story behind all the trouble we've been through buying these shirts... know that Satan was against it but God was for it:). We chose "Live simply so others can simply live" b/c it is something we have been learning over the past year or so. He has opened our eyes to His truth about how we should steward over what HE has entrusted us with.
If you are interested in purchasing one please email me @ with your size and color. You can either pay through paypal or send us a check. I'll give you all info in my reply to your email.
We appreciate all of you who have helped us on our journey to our daughter! We are very grateful to each of you. We are getting closer and closer to her each day and God has been so faithful to continue to provide through friends like you!

Let me also add my friends are raising funds to help with their adoption over HERE. They are giving away an iPad tonight @ 8:00.... go buy a chance to win for $10:)