Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Andrew Reagan!

Today our sweet Andrew turned 6. SO hard to believe he's already 6 years old! He had his party on Saturday and it was loads of fun! He LOVES science, so we had a Mad Scientist party. Everyone made goo, we had a geyser, a volcano and dirt cake! He had SO much fun!
He comes with me to work and then shuttles about a hundred yards to his school. Today I had duty in the hallway so he came with me. One of the science teachers asked if he wanted to come into his room... well YEAH!! ;) He actually has been in EVERY science room in the HS. This teacher had a snake.. a pet python! Andrew was giddy! Coach Buchanan pulled it out and asked if Andrew wanted to hold it... WHAT?? Are you kidding me? Before I could even freak out about this question, Andrew said, "YEAH" and threw his backpack off and had it in his hands. He was SO excited! I'm sure he told everyone in sight today about holding that python. Sweet, sweet memory he'll have forever!
He is a true sweetheart. He brings SO much happiness and joy to our home. He's an excellent big brother to Parker and Piper. He loves to find "mysteries" and bones and bugs, etc. He's very inquisitive.. very smart.. He's quite the musician already;). This morning while fiddling around with his recorder he placed his hands in a different position and said, "hey, that's a D".. listen and he played the D he knew how and then played the other one again and by-golly.. he was right. It was a D. This weekend he sat down and taught himself to play Old MacDonald by ear.. so sweet! He loves to learn!! I can't imagine what God has in store for him in the future! My humble prayer is that our God would choose to set him apart for His glory! That He would use him and Parker and Piper to bring Himself honor and to lead others to Him... this really is the only thing that matters!


Jennifer said...

What?!? No picture of him holding the python?

Happy Birthday to Andrew! He's such a neat kid. Those were some sweet things you wrote.

Jenny said...

Oh, I KNOW... Cam was like, "seriously, you didn't get a pic" BUT in my defense, I was working and we're not really allowed to have our phones on us. I think Coach Buchanan will let us stage the shot again;)