Sunday, March 24, 2013

Almost 19 years....

I graduated high school almost 19 years ago! CRAZY! Oh goodness how I loved my high school class. We were TIGHT! There were only 18 of us so I guess we had to be. I remember leaving our baccalaureate and heading to Panama City for our senior trip. We had raised money for almost two years. Most of that money was raised after school hours cutting and selling firewood. SO funny to think about. Here are some pics. We lived a simple life in Guy, AR. We truly were a family! 

Those truly are some of my best memories. I had some really good friends and most of us are still really good friends. Anyway, back to heading to Panama City.... many of us were sad and crying b/c we knew it was our last week together. We had all been together since elementary school and couldn't imagine our days without seeing each other daily. We seriously were in almost EVERY class together. We had our 10 year reunion 9 years ago this summer and it brought back so many emotions. Change is tough! Change is tough even when things have changed and gotten better. It's really hard to lose touch with people you love. Can I just say thank God for Facebook?! I'm friends with almost all 17 of those hooligans I grew up with and LOVE watching their families grow and live life. Which really got me thinking about how time will sneak up on us and 19 years from now our children will be adults. Hard to imagine but I know it'll happen so quickly. They have made such amazing friends at our co-op school. Fridays are their favorite days b/c they love their classmates. I hope when they look back on their childhood it is filled with sweet, fun, unforgettable memories like I have. As their momma I so desire for them to follow after God. My continual prayer is that God will open their eyes to His goodness and they will taste and see that the Lord is good! I pray they live radical lives of faith. I pray that God continues to guide me as their mommy. May my duties start and end in love. When they make me proud.. love. When they make mistakes.... love. If they choose to follow Him... love. If they don't... love. Lord, prepare me for whatever lies ahead. May You alone receive all the glory from our stories. 

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Amy said...

I found a bunch of pictures the other day of our trip to panama city!