Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This may freak a few of you homeschool mommas out;)

I'm just not a type A kinda girl;). Truly this bothers some people but it's just the way I am. I can absolutely relax even if my house is a wreck. I have no problem starting a crochet project even when another one isn't finished. Now don't get me wrong... I do our laundry, our dishes, the kids do their chores and by the end of the day our house is alright. It's NEVER perfectly clean.. NEVER!! I am totally okay without perfection. I'm the same way in homeschooling (I have a 3rd grader, 2nd grader, 4 yr old and 3 yr old). Take today for instance... the boys both got up and did their Math U See work. I went over a few problems out of a Kumon Geometry and Measurement book with Andrew. Actually I sat with him during most of his math, also. He is doing double digit times double digit and I try to help him remember to put his place holder where it goes and mark out what he carried so he doesn't confuse it when he starts the next step. I then started preparing tonight's dinner (around 11:00 this morning-that's out of the norm!!) and Park read a chapter of his Cam Jansen book to me. We did Language (but we don't always... they have about 100 lessons a year in Language and they're both near the 70th lesson so we're on track). We did some exercises with our prepositions (we do this daily b/c my 4 year old reminds us all the time... btw she knows them ALL but just b/c it's fun;). I also worked with Piper on her Easy Peasy Homeschool lesson.
I bought this book a couple weeks ago and thought they'd enjoy learning their Roman Numerals so we read it today. It's a great book teaching you the different symbols and then has several pages where you have to find the objects. The kids LOVED it! 


After dinner last night, I randomly played for them a youtube about how many days are in each month so this morning we continued with that. Now they are exploring the field across the road from our house. That's how we school! Mondays we usually spend time working on our assignments from KCA (our FABULOUS co-op) and then we just do a lot of language arts and math throughout the week. We try to get all of our history read. Last week we really focused on geography and Andrew can label all 50 states on the map! CRAZY?! I definitely wouldn't say I'm lazy in home schooling but I'm also very laid back BUT I also think people who are scheduled to the minute are doing what works best for them. I think my kids are exactly where they should be academically (or a little above). Mostly though we are SOOO enjoying life together. It would be easier for me to have lots of worksheets printed for them and say, "get to it" every morning but I really do enjoy pulling up a chair right beside them to watch their brains in action. It is SO fun! I do feel like I have very little ME time but I will. One of these days they will all be grown up and I'll wish for these moments again. 

****They just got back from their adventure in the field and Andrew runs in and says, "MOM... which state does this rock look like?" Of course I said, "Oh that's South Carolina" He beamed in agreement;) ha! 



The VanEvera Family said...

I love it!

Rochelle said...

As it should be....

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