Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sometimes I struggle...

I often struggle with what I share on FB b/c I don't want someone thinking I'm sharing to get attention. I do want to share what I think might encourage others or what the Holy Spirit might use to encourage someone. Today Piper and I were driving home from the Conway area and we see a man sitting on the side of the road with a rolling carry-on type bag. It was just a few miles from our home so I knew I had time to pack a sandwich and snacks for him. He was so thankful. I asked him if I could pray with him and we stopped right there off of Hwy 65, bowed our heads and prayed. Totally the Holy Spirit. I would've thought that was a little coo-coo and been a little too embarrassed to ask "can I pray for you?"
Even though I worried about posting on FB b/c what people might think I knew I should, so I did. I told people where he was and where he was heading and encouraged them to be His hands and feet and to go find this guy and love on him, pray with him and share anything they felt led to share with him. My friends are AWESOME!!! I was so encouraged by how many of my lady friends searched for this guy and shared the love of Christ with him. When Cameron got home he found him and gave him a blanket and a cup of coffee. This guy was SHOCKED so many cared to share His love. One of my friends text me and said, "I'll split the hotel cost with you if your husband can find him and get him to a hotel." Then we started discussing about the possibilities of getting him a bus ticket to Illinois. One thing led to the next and before I knew it Cam had left his hot dinner to find him again, this time offering more than a hot cup of coffee.
He was overwhelmed with gratitude. He told Cameron he had felt God walking with him all along the way. They had some good conversation. He is now sleeping in a nice warm bed and boarding a bus tomorrow for Illinois. We are thankful for the opportunity to meet him. I don't know what kind of man he is. Is he responsible? Why is he in the situation he is in? I don't know. Cam and I prayed about it and really felt it was where the Holy Spirit was leading us.
Even though I was leery of posting about this man on FB, I am glad I did. I have been encouraged by so many who LOVE to see the Spirit working. That's what this story is... it's HIS!! If I fear to post about opportunities to love because I worry people will take it the wrong way then I'm not following the Holy Spirit. Several of my friends are taking money and sliding it under his hotel room door to bless him. How awesome is that?! Everyone has shared with him God loves him. I'm thinking maybe when he laid his head down on that hotel bed, he probably truly believed that tonight. Please be in prayer for this man. He will be looking for a job once in Illinois. Let's pray some loving people rally around him.


Nacke said...

Oh, Jenny! I think this is just the beginning for this man. You and your friends love toward this man is true Christianity! I pray he has seen God through the love he was shown today, how could he not? May God Bless Your Efforts!

Rochelle said...

So thankful you shared! What a blessing when we following the Holy Spirit's leading!
♥ you guys!

Unknown said...

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